Wooden Bird Houses

crafts (5 of 17)It might sound strange to you but its been my dream to paint up some nice wooden bird houses. I found some on sale at my local craft store so I bought two and started designing.  First a base coat of white paint, let dry and the fun   begins!

crafts (6 of 17)Picket Fence House: I saw a cool idea using tissue paper and modpodge on painted surfaces. I always save my tissue paper for fun things like this and it turned out awesome. I only used it on two sides.

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The front and back end I used some paper flowers from my scrapbook supplies and painted on some leaves. I painted the roof lavendar and added some easter basket straw and a blue glitter egg. The cutest part is the baby chic peaking through the door.

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Plain Bird House: I used a plastic gift bag for this one using the same modpodge idea as the other house.crafts (12 of 17)

I painted the roof with hot pink and added some paper flowers to the back. I had to prop the baby chic on a Popsicle stick so it was level with the door. Turned out Great!crafts (10 of 17)crafts (9 of 17)crafts (7 of 17)crafts (17 of 17)



a little mountain adventure

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Mountain View from the Lodge

This weekend we went for a weekend getaway to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada. We stayed with my parents at the William Watson Lodge located on the east side of Lower Lake. If you are familiar with the lodge its is a a facility where Albertans with disabilities could stay and enjoy the outdoors at a reasonable cost. While disabled Albertans have priority, if space is available  Seniors are welcome. It is very popular so we were thrilled when we heard our parents were able to get a room for four nights.

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Our gear ready for action

We drove out on Friday night after dinner and we were welcomed with a cozy fire and board games. On Saturday after some lunch we headed out to the XCskiing trails just outside our cabin door. We headed over to the Elkwood Parking lot and took Wheeler to Packers down Pocaterra across Lynx and back to the cabin thru Amos. When we planned our route Bryce said it was 10km, but turned out to be 15km total, I was hurting the last 5km home.

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Ski etiquette

On Sunday we did a little hike down to the Canyon Interpretative trail near the Canyon Campground/parking lot. It was a quick down on a snowshoe trail and we only did the walk to the first pool. There was more to the trail  but a steep staircase was impassable on snowshoes. The trail was a total of 5km round trip and very pretty in the winter. After our hike we had lunch back at the cabin then headed back to the city.

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The Opal mountains

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The Canyon

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looking down on the Canyon trail

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Sweet Canyon Views

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Bryce going up the stairs to check things out without snowshoes.

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Heading back out of the Canyon

Arm Knitting

art (13 of 17)There has been a lot of hype around the new trend “arm knitting”. I heard it first from Lion Brand Yarn company. At first I thought Finger knitting is a thing, but arm knitting? Surely they had them confused? Nope, its a real thing! So calling up my sister we gave it a try following the instructional video on their website (see here) Very easy! check out my video as well, fastest arm knitter in the west! I will be adding some of these lovely scarves to my Etsy shop soon, including this one! stay tuned… art (2 of 6) art (3 of 6) art (5 of 6)art (6 of 6)


Painted Terracotta Pots

art (11 of 17) Getting into the Gardening season I was inspired by a recent blog I saw about painted pots. I loved the Aztec look about them so i dreamed up my own pattern and painted away. The pot I choose to paint was one I already had with a tiny plant inside. art (12 of 17)I first did the base coat and several layers of it. White for the rim and a teal for the body. After it dried I started to tape out the design with my 1/4″ painters tape I got from Rona for 2.50. Don’t buy it from Michaels unless you want pay 4x the price. (bogus!) So after its taped I painted the black and let dry overnight.

art (10 of 17) Peeling off the tape is my favourite part! It looked pretty good under it all and I just did a few touch ups. You can do up whatever colour and pattern you want, try it, its really easy!

Chickadee Paintings

Chick a dee 2WSo one day I was very inspired to start painting again. Inspired by what you say? Beats me! probably the warm weather, spring, sisters? All I know is I longed to feel the brush stroke on a canvas once again. I called up my sister and we skype painted together some fuzzy chickadee’s from Baker Park. As you may of noticed these pictures were taken last spring where I blogged about them here. Since that day I’ve always wanted to paint them.

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Competition Dance Recitals


The cast of “Be Our Guest” competition group number.

 I work for a dance company called Ambition Performing Arts. Part of my job is to take pictures either for promo’s or slideshows for Recital Showcases. I had the pleasure of photographing the Competition Team rehearsals and my nieces! The show went off without a hitch and all the dancers were awesome, not to mention my slideshow! 149615341471 14931239 1246 1300 1309

Christmas Cabin 2013

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The Christmas Cabin

After our camping adventure with my brother and his family we decided that we would spend Christmas together in a cabin deep in the woods.

We dreamed of a winter wonderland with activities right outside our cabin door. A cozy fire place and food in a abundance and where beers flowed from the taps. A place where you could soak in a hot tub after a long day in the cold. We of course were only dreaming but sometimes dreams do come true!

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Our Cabin with puzzles and mini christmas trees.

We booked a full week at the Kootenay Huts — Rural forest eco-lodges in  Ymir, BC near Nelson.  Our Winter Wonderland dream was coming true! This place was so unique with its wood heated hot tubs,  the cabins in floor heating  and a wood burning fireplace and its queen sized bunk beds, not to mention the abundance of snow.

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My Nephew got a Brett Hull GT snow racer for Christmas. Seen here breaking it in on one of many sledding hills near the Cabin

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The boys sledding

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Ice Skating in Nelson

During our week stay we went ice skating in both Nelson and Ymir, swam at the Ainsworth Hot Springs, snowboarded/skied at the Salmo Ski Hill, we tobogganed in the  backyard, went in the hot tub, built jumps outside our door, snowshoed and XC skied. Together we built a 1000 piece puzzle, played games, knitted and read books.

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Piecing the puzzle together

The Christmas cabin although it looks very rustic has all the amenities of a home. Gas Stove/Oven, fridge, running water and a nice bathroom with Shower and Toilet. Although it doesn’t have a dishwasher it was always a joy to do dishes with it’s great view of the forest. We brought our Ipod dock with speakers to enjoy some Christmas music and although it didn’t have a TV we didn’t need it, who needs a TV with good company and giant puzzle? Also they do allow Dogs here and your dog would love it assuming hes an outdoor dog and loves Snow!


the Hot Tub

On our last day we were all very sad to leave. It truly was a dream come true. I will be back Christmas Cabin, you can count on that!

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All of us together

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The Ymir Hotel

scarf sweater /// sciarpone /// bolero scarf

14I wanted to share with you another custom order I did in January for Dubbele Dutch. This was my first big project of the new year and gladly so because it was a breeze. I choose a Cascade Eco Wool for this project with the bulky rating as suggested in the pattern. I used a size US10.5 (6.5mm) dpn and added an extra 10 inches to the middle section. It turned out perfectly! As this was a very easy pattern it was very time consuming. Buckle down with a few movie trilogies or a good audio book and who’s complaining?

Below is the blog post of the creator and designer of this piece.


Here are some pictures to inspire you to knit one for yourself! 17 26 11 13


Brighten Up Your Day


flowers w (13 of 16) copy


Just a little blog post to brighten up your day! For 2014 I got myself a Farmers Almanac calendar. I’m learning lots about plants and flowers and its only January! One thing that stood out this month was the paragraph on flowers. Gerber Daisy’s, Tulips, and Dwarf Azaleas actually help remove pollutants from indoor air. There are also more permanent options such as the Bamboo Palm, Spider and Snake plants. My next adventure to grocery store I bought myself some tulips and am now feeling good about the air I breathe. I couldn’t resist taking pictures of them and wanted to share them with you.

All these pictures are available as prints (without the watermark) email me your selections and print sizes. amanda.pickford@yahoo.ca

4×6 prints – $3.00

5×7 prints -$5.00

8×10 prints – $10.00 and bigger $15 – $50

flowers w (1 of 2) copy flowers w (1 of 16) copy flowers w (2 of 2) flowers w (2 of 16) copy flowers w (3 of 16) copy flowers w (4 of 16) copy flowers w (5 of 16) copy flowers w (6 of 16) copy flowers w (7 of 16) copy flowers w (8 of 16) copy flowers w (9 of 16) copy flowers w (11 of 16) copy flowers w (12 of 16) copy

Custom Knits

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For my company Dubbele Dutch I decided to branch out this year and do Custom Knit orders. I have had a great response from word of mouth and been busy with orders. My favourite part about it is going to the Yarn Store! So far projects have been pretty easy and I can get orders done quickly. It makes it a whole lot easier having an online shop where I can post the finished orders and have payment and shipping set up for me. Please email me dubbeledutch@gmail.com, if you have a knitting or crocheting projects in mind. I have a custom order button on my shop where you can submit a picture and details about the project you would like. Also ideas are listed on my facebook page and below are a few of my custom knits I have done so far. Scarves, headbands, toques, boot cuffs and Mittens! Please keep in  mind that some projects are more labor and require more time to finish.

A Thrummed Mittens (6 of 9)Plum Boot Cuffs – 100% wool

A Thrummed Mittens 1 (1 of 1) Thrummed Mittens – 100% wool Roving and 100% wool YarnPurple Thrummed Mittens (1 of 5) untitled (16 of 16)Infinity Scarf – 50% wool 50% tencel, Wooden Zebra Buttons

untitled (6 of 9)Fingerless Gloves – 100% Acrylic

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